Australia bound via Auckland


Estimated travel distance so far from LA: ~5,000 miles

Estimated travel time since leaving Washington DC at 2:00pm Sunday afternoon: ~32 hours ish

Estimated time until arriving at my friend Ben Chapman’s house on the Gold Coast: ~ 12 hours, hopefully

After sleeping the first 10 hours of my 13.5 hour flight to Auckland, I woke up and saw this sun rise. I like to think of myself as someone that isn’t easily impressed. I was impressed. Floating above these nebulous billows conjured images of Mario (first generation, 8 bit) jumping for gold coins after descending into a sewer pipe and somehow re-emerging in the clouds… If your not with me for this analogy don’t worry about it, I am a huge nerd, 8 bit Mario is the only Mario I have ever known, none of this Nintendo 64 new age stuff. And if you weren’t sure weather 8 bit could go out of style, ask the creators of GOPRO why they chose that format for the navigation menu on the camera most used for extreme sports. Check it out. Facts.

But I digress. 

The Auckland airport is easily the hippest, best laid out, friendlies airport I have been to. Good on you NZ. If the Sushi bars, Bistros, trendy surfer shops, make-up kiosks and cool furniture didn’t seal the deal I can tell you what did. 1. There are numerous outlets littered in convenient locations for the public to access (I don’t feel compelled to elaborate further, I think we are all familiar with the “third world country/refugee” behavior displayed at PDX- or any other airport I have been to in the states-  when hurried travelers attempt to charge the batteries of their various electronic devises). 2. When looking at the “departures” screen to see what gate I am flying out of in 7 hours for my connecting flight, under the “gate” column it actually says  RELAX, because the kiwi’s think 7 hours is way to early to assign a gate. Sweet as.

On top of all this every person I encounter is even friendlier than the last. I fall in love every time I hear my waiter or stewardess say in the most cheerful accent “Cup of tea?”. 

The only complaints worth noting is that internet is not free. Wahhhhh. To circumnavigation this unforeseen obstacle, I briefly considered  sneaking into the business lounge where all the super classy peeps get internet for free. However, I am sure you can imagine what my usually amazing curly hair and bangs look like after 32 hours of travel. Also, i am wearing a particularly Oregon wardrobe today, which I am sure the reader realizes is in the dictionary as the antonym of  business attire. I abandoned the effort shortly after no attempts. In any event I coughed up the dough for the inter webs so I could blog and that pretty much brings us up to speed. 

As a side note, I wasn’t going to blog during this trip, thinking that it would be really self absorbed to do so and also that I really don’t have much interesting to say. However, one of my two amazingly encouraging aunts requested that I keep one. Thanks family. I love you. 



2 thoughts on “Australia bound via Auckland

  1. Krystal, I am so glad you are doing this because I want to enjoy your adventures, too, and it’s so much better than you trying to communicate in other ways. Have a wonderful time. I’m going to let Ben’s, Fiona’s husband, mom know you are in Australia. She loves to hear about visiters to her country. I don’t think she’s that far from the Gold Coast….but could be really, really wrong! Enjoy~


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