Defn Brekie- Breakfast. The shortening of commonly used phrases and words in Australia, still, after a week, has me laughing out loud with every nuance. Slang choices seem like a mix between what a toddler and the perkiest person you have EVER met would chose. 

There is this amazing “take away” down the road from where I am staying in Balinga, outside Kira/Coolingata/Tweed Heads that does an “All Day Brekie” special: $7.50. This is what it looks like:


You have never experienced bacon like this and it is always served with a fried tomato (pronounce “tomato” with a soft “a”). 

Now, the next day I made my version of “all day Brekie” + “all day Brekie view”…..


Some sweet and regular fried potatoes with garlic and onions, accompanied by a greek omelet (feta, kalamata olive, red onion) with carrot and tomato trimmings. I have been eating really well, perhaps a little to well….. and don’t let me leave out the after Brekie reading session and the nap on the porch. I have to say I have never been so lazy in my life as the last two days. Not even on a holiday. 



2 thoughts on “Brekie!

  1. Brekie reminiscent of the Irish breakfast – all things fried – rashers (back bacon), tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs, black or white pudding, and bangers (sausage)!


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