Eternity never looked so attractive



I arrived in Coffs Harbour a few nights ago to visit Jen, a good friend from Bend that I met during a training coarse for The Forest Service. She is amazing and I will be sure to post a vignette on her in later entries.

After arriving, I went for a walk through town, down to Coffs Jetty and passed through this stunning grave yard. Recently, Auntie Toni told me soon the family would be putting Grandpa’s ashes in the cemetery next to Grandma. It pained me slightly that I wouldn’t be there for the dedication, even though there won’t be a ceremony or anything.  

I have been thinking about Grandpa a lot lately. Wondering what he would think of so many of the things I am seeing, how he would take everything in if he was with me. Also, if he was back home and I could call him, what would he say to me…. if he could hear me. I feel like I know, because he has already said it to me so many times. With this knowledge, I sat down in the grave yard, enjoying the beautiful stones, adorned with so much longing and hope, cluttered with tattered flowers to symbolize all the love and emotion, and I told myself what I thought Grandpa would say to me, about my journey…. maybe in someway I hope he was really talking to me.

Krystal, Krysta-bell,

I am so proud of you, every time I see you, more than the last. Traveling is a good thing my dear, and you should do as much of it as you can. You are so tender hearted, remember not to live your life for others. Life is not always easy, but you can see the good in every day if you try. Every day, make it the best day ever.  When I am not in front of you please talk to me, tell me your stories, and show me your pictures. You know I love stories. 

I love you,


2 thoughts on “Eternity never looked so attractive

  1. Hi K-Rock,
    Your Grandpa sounds like an amazing man. I look forward to hearing more about him when we see you in a few weeks!

    x Bulks x 3


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