Anzac Day!


Anzac = Australia New Zealand Army Corps

One of the most incredible holiday’s I have ever participated in is the 2012 Anzac holiday (none the less at the military club, joining clubs is really common, bowling club, athletic clubs, and they all have bars and restaurants where the members hang out). Some of the awesome holiday fun included hanging with veterans and current members of the armed forces, enjoying a parade, hearing about Anzac traditions like wearing rosemary as a symbol of peace, DILLIGAF (Aussie military slang for Do I Look Like I Give a Fu**), and Two up……… Also, for the second time this trip, I was terribly under dressed. I had several comments that my red flannel looked like jam jams (pajamas), and at the “dance club” (Coffs Hotel) I was complimented several times on my thick black framed, uni-sex, portland hipster glasses. Who new. Scored some points for science nerds around the worlds!!!



The next set of photos are from the game of Two up. This game is only legal from 2-6pm on Anzac day. Here are the rules: One person flips three coins off of a paddle board, if any of the coins go outside the ring, don’t get a meter above the throwers head by a meter, or hit the ceiling, it is a fowl. The goal is to guess heads or tails correctly for two-three out of the coins. You bet with other on lookers. If you are betting for heads, you pat your money (bills only) on your head, as much as you wish, and look around until someone makes eye contact with you for tails and takes your bet. Heads always holds the money. The flipper flips and then the winner collects the money. Apparently this was a very popular game in several wars…. And the Aussies go crazy for it. It was the first thing anyone talked about (before any greeting even) when meeting them before 2pm on Anzac.


A soldier in traditional dress taking a bet for Two up.


The ring where the coins are flipped. All gather around the stage for bets.


Unfortunately Jen called heads and the draw was tails, here she passes the dollars over.


Check out the awesome tats! This soldier told me a ton about Anzac traditions and he showed me his tattoo of the rising sun, the Aussie military symbol. Additionally, XXXX is the NSW beer of choise, he asked me if I would be willing to tap his keg of XXXX. I told him I would not and thought to myself, what an expensive tattoo for such a terrible pick-up line that will almost certainly never work.

It was a great day.


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