Bungandor weekend get away


These are some photos I took this week at Bungandor, just outside Canberra. I was unable to photo document the most eventful portion of the trip, the 9 kilometer walk into town to catch a bus back to Canberra in the pouring down rain. I had one offer from a driver to take me the rest of the way in at about the half way point but I thought I’d tough it out and finish off strong. I road the whole way back to town in my long underwear because my clothes were creating excessive puddles on the seats of the bus.

I think the best part of the entire weekend might have been when I wanted to make a salad but had no dressing and quickly realized there was one lone lemon on the lemon tree… Mixed with salt, pepper, ginger, and olive oil, that lemon made a pretty spec dressing.

The second best part of the weekend was the intense cackling of the Kookaburra, and the morning swoop he would do into the window next to my bed. Add in the Magpie’s auto-tune like call and the chirps of the wrens, it made for one mighty fine morning song.

I must admit, in the forest alone, in a cabin that doesn’t lock, in the miiddle of the night, with no phone or vehicle, it can be a bit scarry… The movie Friday the 13th comes to mind. But when you are single and traveling, if the choice is to do something alone, or not do anything at all, well, I’m def. going to do the something, scarred or not. Needless to say Jason never showed up, he may have been afraid of me.

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