Santa Teresa Club and Pool


The primary reason I ventured to Santa Teresa was to see if I could be of any use organizing games and activities for the kids in the community at the club and pool. The club is this great wear house with vaulted coordinated metal ceilings, a basketball court, a loft with snooker tables, a movie viewing room with sweet sub woofers, a music room for bands to practice, and so much more. All the kids in the community head down to the club after dinner and hang out until about 9pm.

Initially I had hoped to organize a schedule of new games each evening, well you got to give the people what they want and schedules are not really how it works out in community. Basically I have just tried to teach the kids something new each night and I sort of abandoned the schedule. (Aside: As I am sitting here typing the morning bell just went off for school- if you were in grade school in the us during the cold war you would recognize this bell as the sound the that went off school when you were doing a nuclear bomb drill) I am learning so much about taking it easy and going with the flow in community life.

I played about 100 rounds of duck duck goose with the kids in which we came up with the rule you could use any animal names you wished; chicken chicken wolf was quite popular. One huge success was that 2 nights ago I suggested capture the flag and the rec leader Mark thought we should play out on the BMX track. This was hugely successful. And last night the kids begged me to play again, this time in doors in the wear house. The kids really got into it and one thing I have been impressed with is their ability to follow through on a game… they will just keep playing for hours. And they aren’t as uptight about following the rules. If someone gets hurt they get over it really quickly, you rarely see the whole apology scene that happened back home when I was in grade school.  I just love these kids.

If there could arguably be any instillation in the community more important than the gorgeous mission catholic church set directly in the center of town, it could only be the pool. And yesterday anyone would have had a great laugh if they could see Mark and I trying to prep the pool to be opened for the arvo. You see, the pool manager had the day off so we struggled through figuring out how to do the pool chlorine tests and then adding chlorine. We looked like witches standing on the sides of the pool mixing water and chlorine  in 5 gallon buckets with long sticks. My arms are actually tired. But after the kids arrive it was all worth it. The first day I arrived I taught them a game called 500 where one person is QB, throws the ball giving it a point value like 200, who ever catches keeps those points, first to 500 gets to be QB. The kids liked the QB throwing to a crowd but didn’t seem to dig the point system. After I taught them they literally played for 4 hours… When I was still in the water and in the crowd catching there was this little boy who would jump on my shoulders for each throw and use me for leverage. Innovative. I think I might have to become a professional life guard. It is pretty fun!


One thought on “Santa Teresa Club and Pool

  1. I was interested to read in this post your reference to the cold war when you were in college. Didn’t affect us in this country to that extent.


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