The pavement melted


Have you ever heard the expretion: so hot the pavement melts

Well that actually happened here! And it stuck to my flops…. It didn’t even seem that hot, but when I looked at the thermometer it said 41 degrees F. I suppose this wouldn’t be so bad accept in community folks dress pretty modestly so because of all the extra clothes it can seem hotter than it is. Clothing requirements include: Shorts no shorter than just above the knee, t-shirts alway/no tank-tops or showing shoulders, nothing low cut, nothing tight/clothes should be loose fitting, and you never half to wear shoes anywhere if you don’t want. Two nights ago I was stuffed in the back of a Land Rover like rig with maybe 15 kids ages 4-10 and not one of them had shoes on… I love it. I remember in college I thought it would be a good idea to not wear shoes for the day and got brutally criticized by every teacher claiming it wasn’t sanitary. Whaching how people live differently than me makes me wonder a.) where do my customs some from and b.) are they even true to what I believe? From a purely scientific and observational standpoint I can say two things. 1. People in community do things really differently than I am used to (for that matter often people in Australia) and 2. People in community seem REALLY happy (people in Australia as well). If anyone wants to organize a volunteer trip to Kenya or somewhere else in Africa next year, I got the names of some good organizations, just say the words.


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