Snowflakes in the desert


As I write this blog post I am sitting in an office looking out on the most joyous sceen. Three teachers from the school booked out the pool for their classes and the children are so happy to be here in the middle of a school day. What gratitude I see and what gratitude I feel….
A few days ago, I forget how many as tends to happen out here, I was able to help out in the pre-school class and decided on a science lesson with the teacher. I talked with the children about snowflakes. I showed them pictures of Mountain Bachelor, people snowboarding, and snowmen. Then we cut snowflakes out of paper the way I did in grade school. The following day I got up early and found a giant branch, a garbage bin and many large stones. When the class room opened in the morning I assembled the materials and magically there appeared a Christmas tree. Setting the snowflakes that the children made as ornaments on the tree and hanging the paper chains they had previously made gave me a hole new meaning for Christmas. I vary much doubt I will ever cut down a tree for Christmas again when a branch will due. The children were delighted. What gratitude I see and what gratitude I feel….
Last night at the club, where most folks, especially kids, hang out every evening, I made friendship bracelets with the children, something I used to do at camp and other programs as a child. Although the weave I had wanted to teach didn’t go over great, we just adjusted the plan and braided instead. The kids wore their new bracelets like they were diamonds. What gratitude I see and what gratitude I feel….
It doesn’t take much to share something I learned as a child, like making snowflakes or bracelets, and yet the effects of sharing this seem so far reaching. Even more simply, so many times in the last week a child has come and sit on my lap and looked up at me and smiled the most genuine smile there ever was… sometimes just being is enough.
Today is my birthday and yesterday was Thanksgiving. I was lucky enough to share a great Massiman feast with some friends- perhaps my favorite food in the world. And tonight, the nurses and doctors form the hospital and throwing me a birthday party. We are perfect strangers and yet they put together a celebration for me complete with a gluten free cake! What gratitude I feel….
Lastly, I must say happy birthday to my Grandma Ruth who has past but shared my birthday, Rosie, a new friend from Canberra who shares my birthday, and Oliver, a patagonia rep in Melbourne that shares my birthday. And a very late and very genuine happy birthday to my cousin Kris…. miss you cous! Keep it real.

One thought on “Snowflakes in the desert

  1. Loved your post dear Krystal. I hope you enjoy Darwin and its environs. See if you can do a day trip to Litchfield national Park which I believe is commonplace from Darwin. Or stay there overnight if you can. I think people also do trips to the Tiwi Islands or Bathurst Island out of Darwin. Watch out for those crocs! Lots of love, Grrrrr!


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