Post Thailand Blues

se asia

Thailand take two. It was incredible. I have incredible photos, which again I am having terrible technical difficulties with…. So my words will have to suffice.
Whilst exploring the wilds of Central Australia, a friend invited me to Phuket to hangout and participate in the filming of the TV series Boundless, due to air in Canada in March. So, I said what the hell, and made the trek. I would have loved to post while I was SE ASIA, unfortunately internet was scarce, and band width dodgy!
The house we stayed in was absolutely off the hook. It was like MTV cribs X1000. There was a full and gorgious kitchen where I enjoyed cooking the all male fast food eating crew healthy meals. A gorgeous pool with a peaceful leisure sun hut containing those traditional triangle pillows one lays down on in Asia- I am at a loss for words when describing foreign things, obviously. My room had a hot tub and a giant shower with two sinks…. this list goes on. Thank you Canadian TV network, where ever you are.
The house wasn’t even the best part. Nor the Thai massages which cost $16 USD and last 60 minutes, although they were magnificent. The best part was the that the camera crew was short staffed. And because the 4 man camera crew was short staffed they had to bring in a 5th man- a 5th woman. And guess who that 5th woman was….. you got it. Krystal. The best part is, probably the only reason they trusted my camera skills was that I had a camera of my own and had been running a blog. Wow. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. Not only is my footage very likely to make it into the show, but I will also have my name in the credits. I hope it doesn’t sound like I am bragging, I just can’t even believe this happened.
Better yet, they had all the posts covered on the ground, they just needed a 5th in the air- I filmed for over an hour from a helicopter with 3 pilots and 2 network TV dudes, all of which were Thai and none of which spoke English.
The first time we went up was the start of the Iron man which was being filmed form the TV series. I got what I hoped was great footage for about a half hour and then came down, landing on the local golf course. Then a few hours later we went back up attempting to film the bike leg from the air but the weather turned on us! When I looked up from trying to steady the camera in an impossible wind and rain, I saw the windshield was totally white and hopped the pilots had significant interments which would allow them to navigate without a visual…. I hoped. In the end we made it back down. I never saw the cyclists on the second trip up…. but I was rolling the whole time and think I got some good footage.
It was scary but it was likely the most incredible experience of my time over seas in the last 7 months. Wow.

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    1. Alison, I almost called you for some geography consulting! I should have just called you anyway, what is wrong with me? Send my number so I can call you ASAP!


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