Adventures in SE Asia, take dos

se asia

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I feel so blessed to have visited such a gorgeous country twice in the last few months. Some of the adventures had on this trip included but were not limited to: Kayaking a good few K’s across open ocean to a secret island whos only inhabitants appeared to be monks, forging a track up a cliff face which included several lacerations at the hands of broken bamboo branches (none of which were fatal or slowed me down much), pool side yoga, rub downs/extream partner stretching form the strongest and most thorough female Thai masseuses ever, raging road trips down intensely steep hills and deteriorating dirt roads on scooters, and most special, amazing dinner performances each night by the beloved young Thai man singing Eric Clapton’s greatest hits and a few others over, and over, and over.

I would be absolutely stoked if anyone in my family wanted to visit Thailand with me in the future. I have a Northern Thailand, Loas, Vietnam trip planned out in my head which includes Chainge Mia hill hiking, a two day boat trip across the Loas/Thai boarder on the Mekong River and maybe some climbing in Hanoi Bay to top it off. I am looking forward already to Adventures in SE Asia, take tres.


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