Sydney with Cassie King


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Cassie King is my super inspiring, amazing outdoors woman, pumped up nurse, stellar climb slayer, and generally extraordinary friend I met early in my climbing and college career who just graduated nursing school. Cassie is also arguably in love with Oregon and mexican food as much as I.  Reunited 10 years later and not a thing has changed, just more adventures and bigger numbers for our recent birthdays. I am hoping to keep the high energy fun flowing during our Reunited-after-10ish-Years-Post-Christmas-Adventure in early January when we take on Tassie, also with the lovely Shelly, featured in the pink bra in the slide show above. If you weren’t totally sold on collinsrosks previously, I think the Tassie trip could really get the viewers numbers up. I have also pledged to bring my lap top along and be far more diligent about updates- so stay tuned. Sneak peaks of our outlandish inappropriate public behavior include breaking into dance this evening during Skyfall, the new James Bond movie as well as numerous impromptu a capella renditions of Bruse Sprigsteen (guess what my theme song is in Oz…) and Cindy Lauper songs. My one request is that you don’t judge kindred spirits when they are doing good work. I hope everyone thrives on awkwardness as much as I. Shout out: Cassie, you are the best.

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