Burley Griffin


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It seems the loop bike ride around Lake Burley Griffin was the perfect endeavour as I prepare to exit Canberra once again. The lake, aptly named for the puppet master who executed design of the city, Architect Walter Burley Griffen, is the center piece to an already stunning capitol. While riding, I recounted some of the events of the last 6 months…

While away, so many changes have occurred in the US publically, politically, and personally. Wreaking havoc on anything in its path, the largest hurricane on historic record, Hurricane Sandy hit the United States East Coast in late October. Killing 196 people and causing $62 million dollars in damage, expenses exceeded those of Katrina. Although I was largely away from televisions at this point of my Australian journey, I followed Hurricane Katrina news quite diligently, a resident of Mississippi at the time, and can only imagine the multiplied damage. Only last week a 26 people were killed in a school shooting in Connecticut. What should I say to Australians when I am asked why America has such liberal gun laws? Freedom? I am just as surprised to find myself a representative of a nation as I am to find that in other countries they frown upon common access to assault rifles and concealed weapons. My country re-elected President Obama. For fear of controversy on what is meant to be a peaceful platform, I will leave it at that.

That covers publicly and politically. What about personally? The 50k ride in and around the lake wasn’t quite enough time to address this question. I will have to continue my assessment as I hike The Great Ocean Road outside Melbourne just after Christmas over New Years.

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