Canberra Chrissy (Chrissy= Christmas)


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Some of the most amazing parts of Christmas this year were:

1. My cousin Kris becoming engaged to the lovely Marinelly on Christmas Eve. Kris, you were like a brother to me growing up and I can’t wait to give you and M giant hugs upon my return to the US. It was great to see you on skype if even for a moment. I love cous.

2. Enjoying the overcast whether of Canberra on Dec. 25th-reminded me of home. The sunny days sprinkled with bike rides (I had a massive accident and cheese-greated my hand on the pavement just in time for my Great Ocean Road 5 day hike as well), yard work, yoga and ciders with old work mates by Lake Gininderra were a nice lead up.

3. Kicking it with Waldo. I don’t really know any celebrities and he is really down to Earth. Not what you would expect at all. Pleasantly surprised.

4. Watching Cami at her first Christmas. Such a treat.

5. The amazing dinner Momma and Papa Losik put on complete with Turkey! It was Momma Losik’s birthday and she still put out a massive effort and a really good show. What a lady.

5a. The great presents the Losik and Bulkeley family anointed me with. In no particular order: Briliant tea pot for one and chocolates (Sharon and Luke), Gorgious collectors mug with a paining of my favorite Auss bird, the Blue Ferry Wren (Momma Bulks), Super awesome waighted pen with case to encourage me to write more (Momma and Papa Losik), and girlie-smelling lotion so I can stop being a Tom Boy (Kat and Adam). Def a Chrissy to remember. There gifts made the printed photos I gave out seem a bit rubbish. What thoughtful folks.

6. Whaching all the big kids break the toys Cami got for Chrissy, namely the bubble rocket which was just so tempting to test the pressure loading on…. got to practice better impulse control next year.

2 thoughts on “Canberra Chrissy (Chrissy= Christmas)

  1. So glad to hear about your Christmas. You have truly made some outstanding friends over your time down under – like another family! Sure miss you and looking forward to our next Skype. ¡¡Besos y abrazos!!


  2. Poor Connor nearly died. He survived an operation and is having massive doses of antibiotics for an internal infection. He came home last night and okay but recovering


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