The Marsh’s- Absolute Legend


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New Years 2013 brought a few surprises! The least among them was getting to join the Marsh Family, of Sunbury Australia (outside Melbourne) at the Hofbrauhaus for festivities. The greatest surprise was having such a ball with the Marsh’s I missed my early New Years day flight to Tasmania! The Marshes sure know how to show a girl a good time. With high lights including pork nuckle, party hats, champagne, dancing, fire works, and lots of laughs, it was a night I won’t soon forget. In the famous words of new Aussie friends: We drove it like we stole it.

The icing on the cake was the fenom arvo cook out we had at St. Kilda park after a long sleep in. Played my first round of “backyard” cricket (even caught an out), got to work some magic on the grill, and enjoyed the gorgeous birds and brilliant flowers in the park. The cook out reminsed me of all the BBQ’s Dad has hosted over the years and that any cooking skills I have on the coals I owe to him. Miss you pops and your smoker.

When will I get to Tassie you say? Better get on that right now… Photo’s from The Great Ocean Road soon to come.

One thought on “The Marsh’s- Absolute Legend

  1. Glad to hear you survived the great ocean road and new years. Sad to hear you missed your flight to Tassie, you twit!! Are you there yet? Love, Barb


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