Paddler at last!

sup touring

SUP day 1

After lusting over paddle boards for years, I am a paddler at last. Jumping in to a new sport is not something I am a novice at. Deciding to invest in a paddle board after clearing out my bank account form a year traveling in Australia was not a hasty decision. But, the questions still remained…. where to get the board?

Luckily, I work at Patagonia@Bend, the perfect venue for seeking out the well informed outdoors person in any sport. Several customers pointed me towards Stand on Liquid. When I walked into their shop 5 days ago, I knew 3 things: I wanted to start paddling, I didn’t want your everyday stock rental board, and most of all, I was incredibly confident that walking my new board five blocks to the river from my house would be no big deal at all. I was wrong about one of these things….

Walking into stand on Liquid on Reed Market Rd. was 50% like stepping into a skate shop in Hawaii and 50% like a river rat haven. The owners and sales dudes, Quintin and Rolan were incredibly helpful and set me up with the exact board I was looking for.

In the end, my purchase was the Revere Limited Edition 12’6” Touring SUP. After discussing the pros and cons of length and width, I decided to commit to a board with a slightly smaller width and a longer length. This way, I would be less likely to grow out of the board over the summer.

I was ampted to get the board home! With two hours before I had to be at Patagonia@Bend for work I decided to try a first attempt at carrying my Revere the five blocks down to the river. This proved an epic adventure in itself… more soon.

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