Patagonia: Quintessential Bend employment



Moving to Bend via a month layover in Portland after a year living in Australia has proved challenging on a few fronts. However, 5 weeks in to residency in Bend, I have accomplished most of my short term living goals. The anticipated most difficult goal: finding employment.

That is where Patagonia@Bend comes in. Here are the top 8 reasons why I heart my job (random order):

  1. Aamazing Co-workers. Not only have they been incredibly patient in training me, they all are incredible athletes. We have Mary who has hiked all American thru-trails, Scotty who competes regularly in cycling competitions, Kelly the dance instructor, Tori the climber, Guy the hipster, Rod (the owner) and phenomenal ultra-marathon runner, and many others. So much knowledge on one staff!

  2. The product. Selling Patagonia product is rad not only because it sells itself, but it is ALL product I want. Sometimes in sales we have to pretend something is a great wardrobe piece when really it sucks. This never happens at Patagonia because all the gear is so RAD!

  3. Locally and family owned. The owners Rod and Katie are the some of the nicest and most genuine people I have ever met. And, they just celebrated their 10 year anniversary for their shop in Bend, congrats!

  4. Outdoor Bata. Patagonia is a hub for attracting outdoors folks and everyday I am in the store I learn something about Central Oregon: new fishing holes, secret climbing spots, the best flat water for paddling, ect.

  5. Clientele. Retail work has a reputation as difficult employment because of the occasional challenging customer. This never happens at Patagonia, are customers are beautiful people.

  6. Atmosphere. The Patagonia@bend new store is gorgeously designed and spacious. Local carpenters designed unique store features which combine to give a minimalistic feel. Rustic wood floors, vaulted ceilings with piping exposed, and log accents all create the perfect mix of natural and industrial.

  7. Down town. Working down town amplifies ones energy level. There is a nice underlying hum of the city which keeps employees pumped up. And Art Walk on first Friday at Patagonia is a blast, be sure to put it on your list of stop bys for next month!

  8. Animals! We allow dogs and many other animals in the store! Note the tortoise who visited this week, pictured above.

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