First epic of the summer

sup touring

If someone would have asked me, “What do you think your first epic of the summer will be?”, I would have said, “Ah, maybe South Sister after the snow melts, perhaps a paddle on the Cascade Lakes”. I definitely would not have said “A night time paddle from Colorado Bridge to Crow’s Feet and back”. But it was so.

The awesome parts of the paddle included:

Renting a second board from Stand on Liquid , the original 11′, for my buddy from Portland

Paddling to Crow’s Feet Commons and enjoying a gorgeous GLUTEN FREE cider

Conditions were to die for, quite and calm

The Epic parts of the paddle included:

Paddling back home in the dark

Having my first spill on an old dock post just below the water paddling upstream, south, just before the footbridge in Drake Park. Yeah, totally soaked me, I am pretty sure I hit the post so hard I did a cart wheel off the board. Apparently I didn’t make a noise though because in the darkness my buddy didn’t even know I had fallen…

The view of REI’s smoke stacks at the take out at the Colorado Street bridge

Not sure if it is legal but, it was definitely epic.

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