Absolute legend award: Ferguson’s bike debut

commuting chronicles, outdoor

One of my best friends is a little dog named Ferguson. He and his mommy and daddy are from South Dakota. Most folks might not have thought their dog would be able to participate on a bike ride with them. Most dogs might have been to afraid to ride on their owners back. But not Ferguson. Ferguson welcomed all the bumps and skids of a mountain bike ride with little more than a “gurrrr” every now and then.

At first we thought Ferguson would like to ride in a front pack on his dad’s chest, however, it soon became apparent that as our leader he would need to guide from a higher point, like his Dad’s shoulders. From there, he would squeak and hiss to let us know what we should be looking at along the trail, as any good interpreter would. Ferguson had such a good eye for finding animals along the trail, one might say it was a sixth sense of his. Nothing escaped his attention. In addition, his strength and agility are unsurpassed! One time I saw him jump my height, just to grab a stuffed animal.

There have been times when I doubted myself. There have been times when I wondered, can I really complete this difficult task, like the Sunriver bike ride? And then, I think of Ferguson. Atop his Dad’s shoulders, peaking out from the backpack in which he resided. I think of all the other adventures he will do sitting in the pack in the future, Grand Teton, Mount Whitney, maybe even Rainier. I think of Ferguson’s bravery and I am inspired.

Although he is the smallest of us, he is undoubtedly the most adventurous and MVP of any group gathering. In the tradition of his people, the Lakota, from South Dakota, we consider him the nan echu kwi nan sipu pingeh, the “life of the community… a sacred bundle”. Or as the Australian’s would say, an ABSOLUTE LEGEND.

Ferguson’s life seems so exciting that I often wonder if he should have his own blog. Thanks for all the inspiration Fergie.

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