Upper Deschutes Paddle

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Despite the impending rain and forecast for snow, this Friday I went for a paddle on the Upper Deschutes. Before the paddle even began, I chilled for a bit with a Palliated Wood Pecker and several swallows with iridescent blue backs! Because this was my first paddle trip with the Revere (the model of Stand on Liquid board I have) away from the river access just near my home at Jackson’s Corner, I learned several things:

1. Paddling in cooler temperatures (i.e. 40-50 degrees F) is no big deal when wearing wool long unders, wool socks, and  booties.

2. I need to get a dry bag so I can bring my camera on the river with me and stop posting snaps of myself holding the board next to water… lame right?

3. I am getting ampted for warmer weather to check out Hosmer Lake, a sweet spot on the Cascade Lakes HWY I got a tip on from my fellow Upper Deschutes paddle buddy. I have got to give massive props to any one who helps haul my board because, alas, I have no motorized vehicle.

4. Deeper water flows faster and many meanders with rapid flow equals more technical navigation… this new challenge brought a great opportunity to practice orienting the board.

“What was the best part of the day?” you ask. When my float partner caught a 12′ Brookie with a fly rod while on his paddle board. Impressive.

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