Family Reunion Joseph Stewart State Park

oregon, outdoor

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Among the best moments of our family reunion camping trip (in random order):

1. Katie re-telling the story about watching a movie in her science class about the human body.

2. Alexandria being so kind as to walking everyone’s dogs for them including Jacks, Harvey, and Mikey.

3. Harvey on the boat.

4. Dave taking Ally’s banana and throwing it off the boat.

5. All the Ospray nests.

6. Reenacting a childhood photograph at the top of the play structure we were camped out near with Marinelly, Kelly, Kandace, and myself…. priceless.

7. Watching Cameron continually get in trouble for doing things no one should do when they have a cast on their leg.

8. Tied with number 7 is finding out how Cameron obtained the cast.

9. Stopping at Crater Lake on the way to Joseph Stewart with Dad.

10. Saying good-bye to my sister as she departs to Tempe to start her Master’s program.

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