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After scoping the shoreline at Stewart Joseph State Park located off hwy 62 between Medford and Crater Lake, I new it wouldn’t be possible to walk my board down from camp to the shore line, thus some problem solving was in order. This water way (Lost Creek Reservoir) is man made and as one might expect the edges are really steep and rocky. My dad drove me to the marina and suggested I paddle around from the water to the “beach” below are campsite. At the vary least I could leave the board there over night, even if I couldn’t bring it back and forth by land (this is usually how I transport it), this seemed a reasonable solution.

What I didn’t expect was to have my board commandeered, hijacked, removed from the shoe line. This is how it happened… I went for  a lovely evening paddle Friday night, I went for a gorgeous paddle Saturday morning, and by 6pm when after a family outing aboard a pontoon boat, we docked at the shore below our campsite where I had left the board (to pick up and drop off passengers) and I saw the board was MIA. My brothers were on the shore waiting to get picked up… Naturally I accused them of playing a joke on me which they emphatically denied. Luckily, my cousins (did I mention this was a family reunion?) Ally and Katie, ages 16 and 12, jumped off the boat with me and assisted in helping me find the culprit in the “who done it case” regarding the missing paddle board…

To summarize:

1. We told the rangers what happened

2. Ally thought we should look in peoples campsites who had boats because it was likely removed by a boat, due to the precarious shoe line it  would be unlikely someone walked away holding it.

3. I found the board in a patrons boat 50-100 feet from our camp ground. I beckoned the stranger: “Hey mate, I think you got y board in your boat there…” gesturing toward his ski vessel.

And the board was back in my custody.

This taught me I need to create a way to lock the board up. Design plans are in the works. All I can say at this stage is the locking mechanism will involve my bike lock…

As for paddling at Lost Creek Reservoir, I think the photo’s speak for themselves. It was an absolute treat. Osprey nests littered the shoreline, Egrets bathed in the morning sun, and inundation by the wakes of speed boats helped me improve my balance. 

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