Circumnavigating Elk Lake

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My dog Mic is an All-Star. He hiked the entirety of Elk Lake while I paddle boarded without instigating any shoreline conflicts. Granted we started at 6:00am, there weren’t many people out at this hour. Actually, to be honest I don’t know what time we started. On our two day camp out, Mic insisted on turning off our cell phones, thus no clocks. Mic swam way more than usual, typically only being coaxed into the water by the promise of fetch, this trip he dove, ran, and frolicked with no notions of fetch. He also hopped on the board on his own… We are getting closer and closer to trying a tandem float!

The one mistake we made was heading south out of the camp ground next to the Marina, this meant we were pulling out of the water at the marina at approximately lunch time. With Mic following and unleashed this caused a bit of a ruckus, but I know better for next time.

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