Up Coming Field Report: Yosemite September 2013

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These two first met in 2004 on an annual Mississippi State University field expedition to San Salvador in the Bahamas. When Krystal’s luggage never arrived Allison generously offered her a pain of “last chance undies” for the duration of the trip. They have been best friends ever since.

Allison: Originally a Georgia Peach and now a Recreation Manager for the Gillette and Buffalo, Wyoming BLM region, the ‘A’ in Allison stands for adventure! Her extra curricular activities include aspiring steel drum player and thespian, scoring very high on verbal testing and running triathlons!
Krystal: Back in the Pacific Northwest after a long stint of international travel, Krystal uses visual media and writing as a means of self expression as she approaches 30 and year 5 of her quarter life crisis. Her extra curricular activities include paddle boarding, bike commuting, avoiding working as a professional and cereal dating. That’s right, she loves Gluten Free cereal.
Allison and Krystal reunite for a post-college-10-year-anniversary-since-first-meeting-adventure… Stay tuned to see what they come up with…

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