Gearing up




I am so stoked to start my adventure south! It is always motivating to lay out all my gear and go through the checklist of what pieces I will need for each aspect of the trip. Everything from a gri-gri (auto-locking belay device for climbing) to ear plugs, probably my “must have” or “can’t live without” ultimate necessity. Disclaimer: The final pack list won’t be established until 30 seconds before I walk out the door.

I also insist on bringing some Gluten Free reserves. Am I the only celiac who feels it imperative to bring my own dietar-ily restricted food with me everywhere I go? Of all the pressures and stresses I imagined having as a grown up, not being able to eat wheat never made the list.

Notice the black bag strapped to the side of my Tatanka Day Pack. This is the new Tri-pod which just arrived this afternoon from Amazon. I am elated the package made it to my door before I left and to test it out! The specs are looking pretty good, Ill be giving a full report after the first usage. I have to thank a special The Enlightened Photographer and founder Joe Forbish for all his input on what pod to purchase. Thanks.

The most romantic item stuffed in my pack will be a family pack of condoms. KIDDING. It is the blue book dead center of the photo… a star gazing guide. Although Allison (my best friend from college and my partner on the upcoming Cali adventure) and I have resolved to be heatero-sexual life mates, who can resist the charms of someone explaining how to find the North Star off the Big Dipper… no one, that is who.

T-minus 36 hours until blast off.

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