Gear Review: Vista Explorer Tripod

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The Vista Explorer Tripod preformed spectacularly today and all the earlier days of my California road trip adventure. So far I have packed it with me on a hike in Kings Canyon, shot video of narrative commentary, and  gathered footage of mystery climbers styling boulder problems near Bishop in the Buttermilks.

Features which make usage more convenient are the quick release plate and light weight construction. I have found it easiest to leave the tripod plate on the bottom of the camera at all times so I can be ready to snap the camera into place whenever necessary. The plate is totally reliable and very sturdy that way I don’t have to be concerned about any accidental mis-haps.  Because of light weight construction I am ready to take the tripod anywhere with me. I was concerned how easily I might incorporate this new accessory into my normal shooting routine but have found implementation a total breeze and been excited about the new range of shots I am prepared for.

In addition, the Vista Explorer Tripod has a huge range of adjustable dimensions so I never feel like my shots are limited. Virtually any  angle I want to capture is accessible with the 360 degree pan, 2 way tilt, 3-way fluid head, and other maneuverable settings. Lastly, the rubber adjustable feet insure the structure will be stable on any surface.

Some of the shots I am anxious to capture with these new options are height dependent images, recording interviews or commentary in any environment, static long exposure pictures of stars, and getting crisper landscape shots!

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