Sabrina Lake and Whitmore Tubs near Mammoth


Disclaimer: Inappropriate content for those younger than 16.

We spent yesterday afternoon recapturing a photo shoot I originally did 4 years ago with Brian and a much crappier camera at Sabrina Lake. I have been using some of these photos for Patagonia@Bend posts and was stoked to replace them with higher quality resolution shots. Sabrina was every bit as gorgeous as I remembered her and Ally did a great job modeling Patagonia gear.

In the early evening we began a wild goose chase which eventually brought us, this morning at noon, to Whitmore hot springs outside Mammoth. Because of the cryptic description on every piece of literature and recited by each person we asked, by the time we found the hot springs we were looking for, it was late, and pitch black. Our adrenaline was mounting as we rounded “”dog leg” (Allison’s description) corners in road and took this right and this left down “unimproved routes” (which was a total violation of the rental policy. Finally, after hours of searching, right when we reached our destination, Allison immediately turned the car around. There through the dark, was what Allison referred to as a “Rape Kitchen” otherwise known as a “Kiddie Raper Van”. Allison’s definition of “Rape Kitchen”, in case the intention isn’t clear, “a vehicle or situation in which all the ingredients for molestation are present”.  Her word combinations never cease to amaze. I suppose in all my excitement I had forgotten that the last time I was in hot springs in Bishop I was in a group of 12 people and had some protection in numbers. Allison was probably right to turn our car around, however, this never would have occurred to me if I had pulled up on my own. I guess I engage in more high risk behavior than I realized.

In the morning, late morning, when it was already 80 degrees outside, when we returned, we reconciled that if there was a dangerous situation at least we would see it coming because it wasn’t dark out, this was a good point. There was a giant school bus with several bikes strapped to the top and upon talking to the inhabitants we were informed numerous people in this area were now driving back from Burning Man… This might explain the “Rape Kitchen” as well. In any event we soaked in the hot springs in mid day learning about “feminine sensate” from a very naked man named David: mission accomplished.


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