Caught up, Mono, Devils Postpile, and Tahoe



In the last several days we have driven from Mammoth (Ansel Adams Wilderness and Devils Postpile) to Mono Lake, through the East side of Yosemite till the gate closure, and through Tahoe where we stayed last night, among great company! I am putting a piece together about the fire in Yosemite and thus saving those photos for future posts including those of the 1992 forest fire through the Ansel Adams wilderness. Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Caught up, Mono, Devils Postpile, and Tahoe

    1. We totally did go through Markleeville! Did you used to date the cut guy who sits out fount all the shops? He is a little stiff but you know I like the strong silent types… Hope I am not taking your seconds.
      Miss you girl! Give Olive a hug for me.


      1. Love that place!! I know markleeville well, and have been exploring that area since before I could walk. Glad u got to experience m-ville in yr adventures.

        Also glad u had fun with the boy toy. He could use a little action..


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