Letter to the Editor


Preface: This is a letter the the editor in response to the Inside your congregation section of the Fall 2013 UUWorld publication. The article I am responding to is entitled: Vetting vendors’ values. UU stands for Unitarian Universalist. Similar is the article Push for fossil fuel divestment.

Reading the article “Vetting vendors’ values” I was struck by similarities with my own story. Hubbard suggests that we promote UU values not only through worship but monetarily in our congregations. In 2010 when I left a six figure salary at a major oil company to explore what it really was that filled my soul, I made an assessment of the sustainability and quality of decision making when held up to the back drop of the interdependent web of life. When Hubbard said “Thinking about expressing our values through the ways we spend our money is a powerful tool”, it seems I directly applied this logic to the way I made money and didn’t even realize it at the time. What this teaches me is that I operated in the world using UU principals far long before I new what a UU was. What this makes me question is how many other young people are vetting work place values and walking away from careers that don’t make the cut.
With the knowledge that there might be more young people in the world already displaying UU living practices but don’t know that there is a liberal religious group who embodies such values, it motivates me to reach out and tell them there are others who share their logic.

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