Valhalla, Seasons Best Ski Film sponsored by Patagonia

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Owner of the Plankery, Ben Cereghino (L) and owner of the Crankery, Augie high five over their excitement for Valhalla!

Bend is blessed to have a viewing of the seasons most anticipated ski film, Valhalla! When Ben Cereghino, owner of the newest ski shop to Century Drive, The Plankery, looked up local showings for the film and found none, he took matters into his own hands. Contacting Sweetgrass Productions and doing all of Central Oregon a favor, the film can be seen Tuesday, 7pm at the  The Volcanic Theater Pub. Tickets at the Plankery or door, $12/$16. What are people saying about the film you say?

Would you like narrative with that? Director Nick Waggoner brings undertones reminiscent of the “Beat Generation” (a term coined by Jack Kerouac in the 50’s) to the Ski porn (literally, I heard there is nudity scenes…) industry, tieing snow and the sports we do in it to a deeper meaning.  According to John Stifter, published in Powder Magazine, 

“Despite a script that could have been edited for length and ethereal tone, and a segment that some may deem too analogous to Ken Kesey and The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test (Should I have been on LSD for that?), Waggoner and his Sweetgrass bretheren—Ben Sturgulewski, Zac Ramras, Mike Brown, and Max Santeusanio—gave me what I wanted: a pensive ski film that is unlike any other recent iteration, and deserved of a place on my ski DVD bookshelf.”

Maybe we should just see for ourselves Tuesday night? Eh?

To see the trailer and read more check out: Sweetrass’ Valhalla Movie Review

To read more about the newest ski shop in town and their commitment to American made, hand crafted skis: The Plankery 

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