Wonder-onzie and Friends Infultrate Valhalla!


Due to the best technical difficulty ever, during the Bend showing of Valhalla at The Volcanic Theater Pub (VTP), the opening sequence was shown twice! Put on by Ben Cereghino and Claire Powell, owners of the Plankery, Ben says the idea to show this film started because he wanted to see it but could find no showings in the Central Oregon vicinity. We all owe Ben a massive thank you for bringing this, one of the greatest snow movies of the season and likely the most unique for its narrative backdrop, to Bend. If you want to tell him thank you personally, stop by the Plankery, towns newest ski shop. On 14th street, next to Cascade Lake Brewery and sharing floor space with the Crankery, birthed from Ben and Claire’s love of backcountry and American made skis, lies the Plankery. CHECK IT OUT!

And Ben couldn’t have chosen a better venue for Valhalla! The VTP, intended or not, has been a great answer to Bend’s massive loss when the Horned Hand closed down. The VTP hosts numerous benefits as well as many of the edgy and rowdy shows that might have previously played at the Horned Hand. With couches littering the floor and much space to spread out, the crowd was comfortable and casual. Nestled in the spacious courtyard behind Good Life Brewery on 14th Street, the location is incredibly accessible, even to those only traveling by bike, like myself. All in all it was a great evening.

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