Cargo MacGyveress

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Although we really haven’t had enough snow to constitute much transport of my snowboard anywhere, much less the mountain, I still realized a bit of a turning point in my bicycle commuting career when I rigged the carry system pictured above. I have been mulling over how to properly attach my Burton to my bike for a few months before finally testing out a few methods today. It is official, with one salvaged pannier, two bunggies, and a bit of cord, I have dubbed myself a Cargo MacGyveress because thus far that seems to be all I need to fashion a haul.

Obviously my steel orange framed 10 speed, the Recyclops, would struggle to make it all the way to Sunrise Lodge. All I had to do was develop a system to get the board from my house on 15th and Milwaukee to  the park and ride on Columbia. To all the cycling nay-sayers, and I quote, “You can’t bike commute in Bend in the winter!”, I will retort, at least try and fail before you say it can’t be done. Admittedly, we have a lot of winter left to go, but even if I have to walk the couple miles to the park and ride someday due to an in town blizzard, I’ll at least be thankful for having found my limit. Who wants to say they can’t do something without giving it a proper go? Not I. I know I didn’t solve world hunger, but meeting each new commute challenge with ingenuity and resourcefulness instead of giving up makes me feel pretty rad. Nothing like overstating ones own importance to alienate from the mainstream.

Either way, Macgyver digs bikes too… Check out the link.

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