gearing up for the Repair Cafe at home! Reclaiming wood for housing

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As a participant in the first annual Repair Cafe last November I am so geared up for the next one in April that I decided to rethink waste and build something. Luckily I had local Real-estate Broker and woodworking extraordinaire Chris Quinn to help me. He tore down an old shed, full of hauntavirus  and ready to collapse at a moments notice, and we re-purposed the left overs for housing for our winged neighbors. There are tons of beautiful birds in Central Oregon eager for housing, why not make some out of old materials today?

One of my favorite things about reclaiming wood is the heartiness of the material. It seems there is always another available purpose for lumber besides a one time building project. Even if wood has been used several cycles through and starts to look worn, that can just be a part of the charm in the final product. Re-thinking waste is all about saying  yes to the unconventional.

I am so excited to promote the upcoming Repair Cafe! For more info read the Press Release below. The other link is to the blog series I will be writing until the night of the event featuring participating trades people and others who are passionate about rethinking waste!

2014 Repair Cafe PR

Gearing up for the Repair Cafe: Featuring Alison Murphy of Utilitu Sewing and Design 

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