welcome to the spring ski

oregon, outdoor, shredventures

At the top of Northwest or Summit, its difficult to decide if I’m happy with spring trade that is under way- blue skies for fresh pow. I think both have their merits. At this point in the year, still a rookie only in my third full season, I am ready for spring (she cringes and blocks the flying tomatoes). Let me explain.

My calves can’t take anymore. Especially since I am becoming experienced enough to acknowledge that my boots really aren’t tight enough. This is taxing for my toe side edge, especially turning into it, in deep fresh snow. Additionally, I am struggling to find the appropriate leaning window. What I mean is, I know you are supposed to surf the powder, putting more weight on the back leg, however, when I do this my board gets away from me and it feels like it will just pop up and I’ll be on my back. When I leave more forward friction gets the better of me and I stall on the many low grade sections that earned Bachelor the nick-name “Flatchular”.

I am not banishing powder forever, I am just saying I am ready for the seasonal trade out. As per usual, about 15 days into summer I’ll have forgotten the calve cramps and regret I ever rejected the snow, spending the remainder of the summer quietly anticipating the rise of another winter. Hopefully this late September will bring the same as lasts.

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