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Surf into Spring

A new age in trail running footwear was ushered in with the release of the EVERlong during the recent Surf into Spring fundraising event at Patagonia Bend. Designed by Patagonia Trail Running Ambassador and local Jeff Browning, this shoe is as Bend as apparel can get! Browning gives a full run down of the trail runner saying, “They’re light and responsive with just enough protection to do the job, but not overbuilt. The soft, flexible heel and the wide toe box with solid mid-foot wrap holds your foot on the platform when you have to push them on technical terrain”. All this he says came from runner driven feedback and a lengthy testing and design process.

After this event, what amounted to the EVERlongs’ Bend Debutant, pairs of the shoe could be seen on many feet in store and around town. If 50% of the employees at Patagonia Bend owning the shoe (there is no other item so universally popular amongst staff) isn’t selling you, maybe what Denise Bourassa (Patagonia Trail Running team member) has to say will persuade you. Bourassa explains “the EVERlong is a fun, light weight running shoe that has great flexibility and support without having been over engineered. The EVERlong allows you to run and be one with the trails”.

Staff encourages you to stop in to our 1000 Wall location Downtown and try on a pair. We are confident you will find toe-to-tail comfort in our footwear!


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