rethink waste: ghosts of richmond, eastern oregon

oregon, outdoor, photo essay, rethink waste, travel


Deterioration seems to be a re-occurring theme visiting rural sites across Oregon this spring. First in Hillsboro and Forest Grove in Washington County, now in Richmond a simultaneously living and ghost town in Eastern, Oregon. I was under the impression that the location was advertised as a ghost town and thus assumed they welcomed visitors- if anyone still lived there at all. Driving up a gently graded road, approaching a spattering of manufactured homes with vehicles, dogs, and plastic play equipment decorating the lawn, it became obvious that we were visiting a currently inhabited town. To access the ruins we spied in the distance between trees and fence posts, we parked beside the main road, and walked along two parallel ruts, dense with overgrowth. The photos show what we found. It is difficult to imagine how much material is wasting away in other corners of Oregon, the US, the world, if this much is falling apart in the tinny, forgotten town of Richmond.


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