patagonia: spring review

gear review, metro, patagonia

Beginning my second spring at Patagonia@Bend, I wanted to share some classic women’s wear items that are must haves for the season.

The Lithia and Kamala Skirt: The Lithia is the shorter version of the Kamala Skirt, both are must haves because they can be worn two ways; The Lithia as a halter top or short skirt and the Kamala as a long halter dress or long skirt. A new feature this season is the asymetrical hemline on the Kamala.

The Minnette: If you fall in the spectrum of outdoorsy-timeless-professional female (as many of us do in Bend) you will find our dresses to die for. Unique cut backs, built-in bras, no ironing necessary, and an array of patterns and colors are just a few reasons to check our dresses out.

Summer Footwear- New this year is a huge selection of comfortable and fashion forward footwear to compliment skirts, dresses, and other in store casual women’s wear. Be ready as the warm weather rolls in this week. Stop in and let us help you find the right combo today!


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