approved: the mostest at the annex

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The Mostest

Attending and dancing solo at a show is no small feet. First you have to walk into the venue alone. Then you have to find something to do i.e. get a drink, go to the restroom, sit down, etc. Then you have to sit, stand, or drink alone. If you like the music and it appeals to your sense of movement, you have to get up, alone, and start dancing. As a newly single and passionate music listener, I’v debated much over the pros and cons for attending concerts alone and my findings are detailed below…

“Couldn’t you just go with friends?” some say, and this is a viable solution, though, it brings many variables. First, your friend(s) have to be available the date and timing of the concert, then they have to like the same music you like. In addition, what if your friend(s) interpretation of “fashionably late” is liberal, while you prefer to dance from first to last string stroke? Lastly, what if you choose different transportation methods? Sometimes friends want to drive and then you are committed to leaving the same time they do, where as, if you have a bike, you can peddle at your leisure from venue to venue. These are just a few of the parameters one must consider when attending a concert alone.

When my friends wanted to head home at 11:30, after seeing an hour of Second Hand Soldiers at Silvermoon, carful consideration and the notes floating from The Annex to the street where my bike was locked (Silvermoon is just across Greenwood Street from The Annex) encouraged me to attend The Mostest concert, even without company.

I first saw The Mostest last Thursday, band night at The Lot, on Galveston. One of their guitarists and a talented fiddle player got me standing and tapping my feet, so, when I heard they where playing Saturday, I wanted to be there. Alas, my friends were no where to be found, already enroute to their beds for the night. I decided this would be a great opportunity to take the plunge, and go solo…

Walking in, I felt like I was entering a friends low ceilinged loft apartment. For something to “do”, I opted to pick up a water at the bar, from there it was straight to the dance floor. I went into full single count arm swing and toe-touching, left then right. Immediate dancing, that’s how good they were! This lasted about 30 seconds until the band commenced the swanky rock beat they were playing.

It was at this point the lead singer singled me out of the 20 person audience and inquired, via the mic, as to weather I had participated in the Pole, Pedal, Paddle. I believe he made this assertion based on the wool long john’s I was wearing under hemp shorts along with a hoody. I definitely looked as though I had been playing sports. I let him know it was only an effect of being a bike commuter, he directed a lone male dancer in the audience to join me, and the tunes erupted. The jaring movements of the lone dancer crept their way over my direction until the mystery music lover flailed alongside me for a few songs. I only lasted four or five melodies, it was late and I usually go to bed early.

A funky mix of jam band, blues, and rock, they featured seven musicians, including two drummers, a saxophone player and key boardist, several rotations of audience members on vocals, and an avid fan base. One blues tune they curated really got me shaking my tail feathers. I will be sure to attend any of their future shows.

It seemed cliche yet overwhelmingly fitting when they covered “You can’t always get what you want”, by the Rolling Stones. “But if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need” played through my head at 1 am as I biked home in the rain. The Mostest: Collinsrocks Media Stamp of Approval!

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