wildlife: wolves and coyotes

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Coyote spotted at Hosmer Lake

Coyote spotted at Hosmer Lake

I am a massive fan of local publications and public radio. This week, The Source and Snap Judgment crossed over in subject matter. However you feel about wolves, whatever you think their purpose, either side, listening to male scientists detail the anthology of the 06 Female pack in Yellowstone National Park brought shivers to my eyes and tears to my spine. I recommend listening to the pod cast. I have never been so blessed as to see a wolf in the wild, however, I did see a coyote last week at Hosmer Lake, and it was every bit as special.

In many Kalispel/Idaho Native American stories coyote is married to the wolf. Coyote is also responsible for mischief and solving many problems… When I saw a coyote at Hosmer Lake, it reminded me of the following story, and that coyote is always watching…

Coyote as the Moon

In the beginning there was no moon. People were very unhappy that they had to always be in the dark.They asked Yellow Fox to be the Moon. He was thrilled but he shone so brightly in the sky that at night everything became hot. The people decided to take him down and they asked Coyote to take his place. Well, Coyote was ecstatic because he would be able to see everything that was going on down on Earth. For a while, everyone was happy, especially the nosey Coyote. But Coyote would always yell out when someone was doing something wrong and everyone would hear him. He would tell when people were stealing meat from the drying racks or cheating at cards. Finally, all the people who wanted to do things secretly got together and decided to take Coyote out of the Sky. Someone else became the Moon. So far, the Moon is doing what the Moon should do: shine brightly. And everyone is happy.


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