prineville reservoir

sup touring
Sporting my favorite paddling gear, farm overalls!

Sporting my favorite paddling gear, farm overalls!



Say what you will about Prineville Reservoir... you can't beat the Basalt outcrops.

Say what you will about Prineville Reservoir… you can’t beat the Basalt outcrops.

Listen, I know what people think about reservoirs and paddling… like gym climbing verses cranking on actual rock. BUT, I like reservoirs and its all paddling right? Training is training. A couple days ago I headed out East to get my first strokes in weeks. Less than two months from my impending departure to New Zealend for an undetermined number of months exploring inflatable SUPing, going for weeks with no paddling is inexcusable!

Reservoirs… Who cares if there are tons of motorized water crafts making waves? That just means staying cued into the obstacles and a wilder ride. Who cares if you can hear wake-board-want-to-be-gangster but actually hick Top 40 tunes blaring on over prices boater sub-woofers? That just means if feels like you are in a music video.

Probably my favorite part of reservoirs, wide open scenery. Some of collinsrocks media readers might know I was a professional geologist (now I am a professional unprofessional geologist!) in a past life. Rivers can be narrow and visual perspective can be limited. Like paroosing the halls of a cathedral, the Basalt outcrops in Prineville are some of the most spectacular examples of the mantel flooding event ending 17 million years ago. Some like murals, some like towering rocks- I like both. It makes one feel mighty appreciative to be on the water no matter the vessel, no matter the hydrologic terrain…

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