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Borrowing other peoples children is one of my favorite past times, as many of my cousins can attest. Thats why, earlier this summer, when, an old friend from the France, ExxonMobil, and the Houston Rodeo reached out to see if I was still in Oregon, I was happy to play tour guide… It was all for the kids! One of the best parts of the day was introducing the youngsters to the chippies. I also enjoyed our long walk in a cave, burgers at 10 Barrel, and playing the “ME” game which consisted of asking any question and each one in unison answering “ME!”. What a blast.

wildlife: wolves and coyotes

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Coyote spotted at Hosmer Lake

Coyote spotted at Hosmer Lake

I am a massive fan of local publications and public radio. This week, The Source and Snap Judgment crossed over in subject matter. However you feel about wolves, whatever you think their purpose, either side, listening to male scientists detail the anthology of the 06 Female pack in Yellowstone National Park brought shivers to my eyes and tears to my spine. I recommend listening to the pod cast. I have never been so blessed as to see a wolf in the wild, however, I did see a coyote last week at Hosmer Lake, and it was every bit as special.

In many Kalispel/Idaho Native American stories coyote is married to the wolf. Coyote is also responsible for mischief and solving many problems… When I saw a coyote at Hosmer Lake, it reminded me of the following story, and that coyote is always watching…

Coyote as the Moon

In the beginning there was no moon. People were very unhappy that they had to always be in the dark.They asked Yellow Fox to be the Moon. He was thrilled but he shone so brightly in the sky that at night everything became hot. The people decided to take him down and they asked Coyote to take his place. Well, Coyote was ecstatic because he would be able to see everything that was going on down on Earth. For a while, everyone was happy, especially the nosey Coyote. But Coyote would always yell out when someone was doing something wrong and everyone would hear him. He would tell when people were stealing meat from the drying racks or cheating at cards. Finally, all the people who wanted to do things secretly got together and decided to take Coyote out of the Sky. Someone else became the Moon. So far, the Moon is doing what the Moon should do: shine brightly. And everyone is happy.


river report: elk lake

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After a gorgeous paddling weekend at Little Fawn, I am amped for The 2nd Hand Soldiers to  play at Elk Lodge at the beginning of June. For me, staying on the far south side of the lake and then paddling to the lodge for music or a coke is the essence of poor woman’s paradise. Best of all is the hidden in let at Little Fawn. At first, when we looked at the water, we thought it was an isolated pond previously connected to Elk Lake, but it was the vantage that made it look singular. Walking the perimeter we realized it did indeed connect to the larger water way. I could imagine this protected cove would be a fantastic place to bring novice water enthusiasts as the wind is negligible and the water calm. Mossies (mosquitoes) were out in full force and I am hoping the gun shot spattering of red dots across my back will soon fade.

commuting chronicles: handcycling takes the lead

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river report: wildlife

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One of the best parts of paddle boarding is the great vantage point for snapping photos of wildlife.

river report: mudd lake

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You might say, “where is Mudd Lake?”. Mudd Lake was Hosmer before the 1950’s. Before the Forest Service killed off all the fish and algae the lake was a total mudd pit. Hard to believe looking at it today…

commuting chronicles: spring’s ritual, changing more flats

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Commuting Chronicles

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commuting chronicles: cycling in se asia, a symbol of accessability




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music: sultry roots by kinzel and hyde at beer geek week, broken top bottle shop

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Kinzel and Hyde


With harmonica wines and concertina melodies, Miss Hyde (of Kinzel and Hyde) stole the stage rocking out harder than any senior female accompaniment I have ever witnessed. Not to mention a rowdy box drum player, the band played to the audiences’ seemingly unanimous love of boot stomping blues. Hyde assured us that all CD purchase proceeds would go directly to her pets and when she drew numbers for the raffle, undertones of ‘Oh, Brother, Where Out Tho’ could be felt. I will be watching the source for these guys again!

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music: the national, les shwab amphitheater

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Customers at Patagonia@Bend who traveled from Bozeman to just to see The National concert!

Customers at Patagonia@Bend who traveled from Bozeman to just to see The National concert!

As though we had a sound tract for our entrance, we arrived at Les Schwab amphitheater just as The National began their first song. In the hours leading up to the show, I had been watching the clock, counting the moments until I could sit amongst other lovers of modern indie folk. To say I was looking forward to the concert was an understatement. During the preceding week, I might have listened to High Violet 20 times to compliment the other 1,500 album plays since its first release in 2010.

The vibe at the concert was welcoming and inclusive in regards to company and weather. Children, older folks, hipsters, pataguchi hustlers, all were present and the typical ambiance of an outdoor Bend event was palpable, even for lack of K9’s. Even delicious food carts from the usual suspects were present. In the hopes it would quell some of the evenings winter temps, I opted to inhale a mountain of spicy green curry from Spork. Although a slight damp chill remained for the duration of the show, I was relieved it wasn’t raining and began to wonder if my shivers were meteoric or melody driven.

By 9:00pm The National headed off stage, only to re-emerge for a final 4 songs, the last of which blasted the crowd out of their expectations. Don’t get me wrong, the evening had been amazing, especially having had the band play nearly the entire High Violet album (all my preperation was worth it) and their newest release, I need my girl. However, when they unplugged and acoustically strummed Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks, their roots emerged. Not only did Matt Berninger urge the audience to join in, during the last repetition of the chorus, he tossed the mic in a disobedient fashion and belted out the lyrics without sonic assistance. It seems The National’s music is best played in its purest form and choosing to perform in this manor was like getting a second serve of curry after an already exquisite round. I LOVE CURRY.


rethink waste: pakit liquidators helped bend rethink waste for over 20 years

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metro: della moves to the neighborhood

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If the epic wheelie Della was spotted rocking late Saturday night at the intersection of Greenwood and Bond is a preview of whats to come during this weekends 24 hour Spokane based mountain bike race, then the Dirt Diva Ambassador team is going to crush the competition. The wheelie was amazing but I will never forget the hang-loose she flashed the honking farm truck that cheered her on.


shredventure: boot pack vs. skins at the foot of paulina peak

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Upper Left shows Austin's Praxis, American made skis, sold in town at the Plankery.

Upper Left shows Austin’s Praxis, American made skis, sold in town at the Plankery.

Intimidated doesn’t begin to describe what it feels like to backcountry adventure via boot pack while your 3 counter-parts effortlessly glide on touring set ups. This was the seen during our approach of the tallest peak east of the Cascades: Paulina. We started quite late in the day, having taken a few runs at Bachelor while one of our party, Galen, down hilled the ski leg on a Pull, Peddle, Paddle team.

Secretly, this was my perfect opportunity to clean out my mountain employee locker, since there was a vehicle on hand. Otherwise I would have had to drag the wonder-onzie, my board, boots, and miscellaneous ski components on the bus and best of all, jerry-rig transportation for the gear on my bike to my house. Thank goodness for friends with cars…

Finishing up my season, this my most proud spring ski day yet, I was stoked to make all the get backs stall-out free and even ski the summit. Running into friends Augie and Joanna from the Crankery, was icing on the cake. It was hilarious watching our party ski tree tops pocking from the slush like gates and spread-eagling into silly jumps. The entertainment seemed a blend of equal parts synchronized swimming and carefully choreographed ice skating routines, as much as a skiing. Perhaps the most jaw-dropping, one gentlemen was clad in an orange cut off button down, brightly colored fanny pack (or bum bag as they say in the common wealth), jeans, a royal blue send band, and neon graphic-ed skinny skis, circa 1988. It was incredibly attractive in a throwback kind of way and emanated the spread stoked concept.

When we finally reached the access road to Paulina Peak, off HWY 21 in the heart of the Caldera, it was almost 2 pm. The trip turned out to be a great practice run. Heather and I took it as a chance to tiered out Olive, her enthusiasticly spirited pup. We decided to capture the summit on a future winter excursion, turning back about 3:30 pm. It’s always a shame to back out of a conquest, however, post Paulina boot-pack has left me with a list of necessary measures to take before future seasons backcountry expeditions, namely, obtain a touring set up with Praxis skis from the Plankery.



river: paddle number two

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For my paddle adventure today, I had a river outing with Sue Fox from Tuamlo Creek Kayak and Canoe (TCKC). There was only one problem, I was tiered form the previous days bike ride and didn’t want to put in down river, then have to forge the river past the Colorado Bridge, all carrying the board. I decided to try strapping it to a skate board and roll it the mile to TCKC… Would you believe it worked? Boy, I am not sure the last time I was so proud of myself, mission accomplished!

events: mothers day


mothers day

This Mothers Day evoked much reflection. Not only do I have two phenomenal aunts who have made themselves available to me on many occasions, I have a cornucopia of maternal role models at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship I attend, and I have a rich linage of independent and social reform advocating grand-mothers and great grandmothers. In particularly I have been gaining much strength from the many quilts my Grandmother Pauline made for me, the Ice-tea set my Great Grandmother Mender painted, and the lyrics from a favorite song of Grandma Judy, ever a teacher (even from the grave):

“Today while the blossoms still cling to the vines, I’ll taste your strawberries, I’ll drink your sweet wine, a million tomorrows shall all pass away, but I’ll never forget the joy that is mine today.”