News Worthy: All Semantics

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In the subjects of Writing and English, for what little I absorbed as a child and no formal instruction post secondary school, I am surprisingly enthralled by sentence structure and slang/foreign word choice in print (Newpapers and other obscure independently published periodicals). It is this premiss that has prompted the following short list of oddities found while reading The SouthLand Times and The Otago Daily Times. Select phrases or words are bolded below. Please share your thoughts, for, while some of these bits are oddities to this reviewer, perhaps they are widely accepted convention.

1. Article Title: 100-mile race won by Frost

Sentence: ‘Frost (33), a former Hill City-University runner, won the women’s section of the hardrock 100-mile ultramarathon in Colorado at the weekend.’   Do we think this is a miss print or mistake? [during the weekend]? Is this an appropriate usage of at? Just didn’t sound quite right to my ear.

2. Article Title: The Cold Inside, background being on going legislative controversy about poor heating/insulation in state homes.

Sentence: [In reference to ones heating bill] ‘if you can’t afford it, tough bikkies.’ What is a bikkie? Is this like at morning tea when you go to eat a cookie (biscuit, aka bikkie) and it is stale? And it sucks, but oh well, that’s just how it is. Like, Channing hasn’t written back to me yet, tough bikkies

3. Article Title: Exile at 80, a close up on the Dalai Lama

Sentence: ‘People have crossed the Himalayas in jandals seeking a blessing from the Dalai Lama.’ I am not confused about the meaning here. For those that don’t know, jandals is Kiwi slang for a flip-flop and is a derivative of sandal. I am wondering why the author didn’t say sandal? Surely, Kiwi readers would have understood. Now it just sounds like something that would come out of Bill Murray’s mouth in Caddyshack, you know the scene where he recounts caddying for the Lama. Check out the clip and at the end, slip this sentence in…

“…you will receive total consciousness. I mean [insert selected sentence]. So I got that going for me, which is nice.”

commuting chronicles: think outside the pannier

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the crankery


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buisness: k9’s for a cause, and ruffwear


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commuting chronicles: the ultimate commuter, mary moynihan

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Mary Moynihan shows off her bike before a cycle out to her camp site

Mary Moynihan shows off her bike before a cycle out to her camp site

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metro: damnation showing at the tower tonight

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Damnation at The Tower Theater tonight

Damnation at The Tower Theater tonight

As a paddler, a river rat, lover of ecology, and Patagonia@Bend employee, I am stoked to be attending the showing of DAMNATION tonight at The Tower Theater! There will be a discussion panel after wards. Please join me…

rethink waste: call for compost

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Call for compost

Call for compost

Do you have a neat compost system or idea? Do you live in a 2 mile radius of downtown? I am interested in collecting stories and pictures of ways to compost.

Contact me via this blog, face book,, or stop into Patagonia when I am working!

a&e: published

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commuting chronicles: handcycling takes the lead

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commuting chronicles: artery take III

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Biggie and Chai compete for "cuttest under 6 lbs" award

Biggie and Chai compete for “cutest under 6 lbs” award

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commuting chronicles: not to young to be a bike commuter, nora rowcroft

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bike around bend

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rethink waste: pakit liquidators helped bend rethink waste for over 20 years

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metro: della moves to the neighborhood

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If the epic wheelie Della was spotted rocking late Saturday night at the intersection of Greenwood and Bond is a preview of whats to come during this weekends 24 hour Spokane based mountain bike race, then the Dirt Diva Ambassador team is going to crush the competition. The wheelie was amazing but I will never forget the hang-loose she flashed the honking farm truck that cheered her on.


commuting chronicles: twin bridges over tumalo creek

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river: seasons first paddle

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Seasons first paddle and everything on the town Deschutes river run seems to be as I left it. The dog park, Tumalo Creek Kayak and Canoe (although they put in a new, minimalist dock), the amphitheater. And of course the baby geese were all over the banks feeding and preening. Summer can’t be far.

metro: first street rapids

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First Street Rapids

With all the gorgeous parks in Bend, would you believe I had never been to First Street Rapids until last week when I photographed Nancy Stevens, local skiier and triathlete? The pictures and article will be featured in Cascade Business News next month for an article about seeing eye dogs!