Forest Fire

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1-Lower Des 032-001

Driving North towards the Lower Deschutes for a float trip on Saturday, this was on the evening skyline. Sure hope the fire fighters are keeping safe.

Bob’s Red MIll


Bob's Red MIll

GLUTEN FREE corn bread mix. So yum. You might think regular corn bread is GF, but alas, not so. None of the commonly sold boxes, least of which is Jiffy, is GF.

Home Coming…


Home Coming...

After spending the last 10 months in Australia photographing a range of exotic birds, I am quite pleased to be at home in Central Oregon (CO) and viewing my old friend: Robin.




Chillin at the Water Ski Club on the shores of gorgeous Darwin, Oz. Being put up by yet another generous family in Australia after a 24 hour train ride from Alice Springs.

Is Krystal a girl or boy


Is Krystal a girl or boy

This is the little boy who was convinced I was not a girl. The most convincing piece of evidence he could produce was asking me to flex, feeling my biceps and then concluding that I was way to strong to be a girl and I must be a boy. Best compliment I have ever received.