community contributions

Collinsrocks media has assisted the following community organizations and individuals as a social media consultant, photographer, reporter, and/or copy writer

Patagonia@Bend (in house photographer, copy writer, social media, marketing, event coordination)

Cascade Publishing, Cascade Arts and Entertainment and Cascade Business News  (feature writer) 

Bike Around Bend, Cycling Resources (copy writing)

The Plankery, Handcrafted ski and demo shop (guest photographer/artist) 

The Crankery, Everyone’s bike shop (copy writing)

Re-think Waste Project, The Environmental Center (copy writing and photography)

Rugged Threads, Outerwear Repair (product design)

Danielle Lancelot Watson (blog consultation and photography)

UUFCO, Diverse Beliefs, One Fellowship (photography, writing, presentation) 

Bend Horse Talk, Equine Facilitated Learning (marketing consultation and photography) 

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